Panasonic tx-p50vt60 инструкция

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Plus the extra bezel width has allowed Panasonic to build a pair of front-firing speakers into the frame, raising hopes of a superior audio performance.

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Инструкция по настройке телевизора Panasonic

Page 25 Aspect Change the aspect ratio image size Enjoy viewing the image at its optimum size and aspect. In rare cases, the materials used in the 3D Eyewear may cause an allergic reaction.

The P50VT65 can also be controlled by and share media — including second screen viewing with twin tuner support not available on the GT60 series — with the impressive Viera Remote 2 App for iOS and Android, and ships with a second remote control containing a touch pad.

Always keep the 3D Eyewear in a cool and dry place. The supplied 3D Eyewear can be worn over vision correction glasses. However, using them may be regarded as illegal access. Move the TV with at least two people. All children must be fully supervised by parents or guardians who must ensure their safety and health while they are viewing 3D images. If the procedure is successful a screen will come up with the option to deactivate your device from your account.Why are we so confident that the P50VT65 is going to be so good?

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Transporting the TV with its display panel facing upwards or downwards may cause damage to the internal circuitry. Radio waves may interfere with the automatic control equipment and cause accidents due to the malfunction. Remove SD Card immediately after use and store out of reach of young children. Our examination of the exterior also uncovers a pop-up Skype camera tucked behind its upper edge — something not included on the GT60 series. Support as shown to avoid injury by the TV tipping or falling.

Page 57 Fernsehers im 3D-Modus eingeschaltet wird. Zur Unterscheidung werden sie u. After this process, try loggin back into the Netflix TV app.

UKpublisher of Trusted Reviews and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties. To avoid malfunctions or slow response caused by radio wave interference, keep the TV away from the devices such as other wireless LAN devices, microwaves, mobile phones and the devices that use 2. The flexibility and user-friendliness of myHome Screen really is a revelation, and as such provides many lessons other more inscrutable smart TV systems would do well to learn from.

Dient zur Einstellung des Eingangssignalpegels. This allows you to doodle away on the actual screen of your new TV with a provided electronic pen. But frankly we can think of no earthly — or at least non-puerile — reason for walking over to our TV and scraping away at its surface. Sign up for the newsletter Get news, competitions and special offers direct to your inbox Your email address: Sign up By submitting your details, you will also receive emails from Time Inc.

Radio waves may interfere with the operation of the pacemaker. Radio waves may interfere with the medical equipment and cause accidents due to the malfunction.

PANASONIC Viera TX-P50VT50B Operating Instructions Manual

Irreversible damage can be caused. Such networks may be listed as a result of searches. If this occurs, contact your nearest Panasonic dealer immediately.

Plus it lets you create with remarkable ease a series of your own home screens — one for each member of your family, perhaps — containing direct links to only your own favourite apps and content. This delivers a trio of themed hub screens providing streamlined access to different types of content.

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