Synology disk station 1513 инструкция

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You can choose to protect data against the case where one or even two drives fail at the same time. The DS file app lets you browse and open files, including playing video, and the Ds audio app streams music. Энергосберегающая технология Устройства Synology DiskStation разработаны с учетом функций экономии энергии. Having to set the password for the admin account is more secure than other systems that start you off with a default password many businesses will not bother to change.

Synology DiskStation DS1513+

Read more about RAIDs here. Synology has excellent mobile support for accessing files. You can fit your hard drives without ever resorting to a screwdriver; the drive cages pull out and latch back into place, and the snap-mount drive rails hold 3.

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How to backup your files with using a Synology NAS and what are some best practices. This means you can use just a standard power cord, like one used with a desktop computer, to power the server.

Synology DS review Subsidiary Annapurna Labs has started selling chips for routers, storage devices and internet of things things.

However, you can start out with five modest hard drives, such as GB or even GB, and upgrade to larger ones later when your need for storage space increases. The special RAID configuration automatically balances the performance, storage space, and data protection depending on the number of hard drives being used. Surveillance Station имеет централизованный интерфейс для управления IP-камерами.

Windows 10 auf Synology DiskStation installieren (Virtual Machine Manager)

You need just one port for the server to work well, but the extra ports mean better load balancing, more redundancy, and -- when used with a support switch -- significantly faster performance. No rights can be derived from the specifications. Congratulations on your purchase of Synology DXSynology says these two eSATA ports are designed to allow the hard drives housed in extension units to have the same throughput as those residing in the server itself. The interface looks more like an OS When you have the drives fitted, setup is done through the browser.

I m running PLEX 1. The two standard ventilation fans, similar to those found in desktop computers, are also designed to work together in a smart way.

The hard drives can be easily installed or replaced completely without tools.

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